Monday, June 02, 2008

pfSense: Link List

Wrapping up my series of pfSense posts (see here for the entire series), the below link list is a collection of posts and articles that helped me along the way. As I mentioned before, pfSense really exceeded my expectations. Throughout the effort I've been impressed , and continue to learn though the active community (see the forum, and #pfsense on Freenode). If you're interested in pfSense, but are put-off by Open Source or products without paid-support, check out Centipede Networks for hardware and support-based offerings around pfSense.

Random knowledge about pfSense (good for getting started).
NIC Duplex settings (media and mediaopt settings not taking effect)
Dual DSL System
MultiWAN Configuration
More than 16 concurrent PPTP VPN connections
PCI Wireless NIC
Configuring the captive portal
OpenVPN Overview for pfSense
OpenVPN on port 443

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