Friday, May 30, 2008

pfSense: Associate with a wireless access point

Getting pfSense to associate with a wireless AP can be a bit confusing. It looks like a lot more has been integrated into the web interface since earlier releases, but it might not be completley obvious how to make the association happen. .

  1. Add a NIC from the supported list... the 3com 3CRDAG675B that I used worked well and was detected right away by the FreeBSD.
  2. Next, add the new interface (Interfaces>Assign), name it, and enable it. If you're not seeing it, then it's probably not being detected by FreeBSD.
  3. You can see a list of local APs by clicking status>wireless
  4. Under Wireless Configuration, put it in Infrastructure Mode (BSS). Then set the SSID to the SSID of the AP you identified in step 3 in order to associate with. Then set the IP (or DHCP) configuration.
  5. If it has encryption enabled, make sure you set that correctly as well.
  6. Check and see if it has associated properly: Status, Interfaces
  7. The status should now read "assoicated", and it should have the IP you configured it with in step 4. You'll then begin to see In/out packets listed if you refresh the page.

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