Thursday, May 08, 2008

pfSense: media and mediaopt settings are not taking effect

I did run into a small problem my first time through with the 10MB Full-duplex change on my WAN interface. At the time I was using some generic NIC (non-Intel), and found that the XML setting change wasn’t taking effect, even through a reboot. I ended-up needing to SSH into the box, open a shell, and execute the following command:

ifconfig dc0 media 10baseT/UTP mediaopt full-duplex

Where dc0 was my WAN interface (click Status, Interfaces to verify you’re setting the right interface address). If you find yourself in this situation though – go back and check to see what type of NIC you have. I would suggest replacing it with an Intel NIC, or at the very least something else on the FreeBSD list of supported ethernet devices.


Chris Buechler said...

Running it manually won't survive a reboot. At a glance at your previous post it looks like you did it right. PHP maintains a cache of the config that you sometimes need to manually remove before manual config changes work. Just rm /tmp/config.cache and reboot and it should work as desired. What you did to your config runs exactly what you manually ran, so I'm sure it's hitting the config cache.

Nick said...

Thanks for the explanation. I did end-up getting it right after a while. Eventually though I had to replace the NIC, as my MTU changes weren't havning any effect on this one. I replaced it with an Intel NIC - and at that point no MTU changes were necessary.