Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting email links to Work with Deki Wiki and Exchange

As I've mentioned, we're running Deki Wiki 1.8.3c on Ubuntu 7.10 and we have an SBS/Exchange 2003 box serving as our SMTP server. In DekiWiki, whenever someone uses the “email link” functionality, we want the email that get’s generated to be delivered to their Exchange mailbox. So, after getting LDAP integration configured properly, we looked at the email piece. In addition to the FAQ, there are some resources in the Deki Wiki forums.

If you’ve got a similar site configuration, you can do everything to get this working through either DekiWiki's Control Panel web interface, or though the LocalSettings.php file. Or, you could install a local MTA on Ubuntu like Exim4 - but it's not really necessary. Since we have an SMTP server in production, we're using PHPMailer which is part of the DekiWiki pre-req install list... it passes messages though to the SMTP server. From Deki Wiki, go here:

  • Go to Tools>Control Panel>Configuration
  • admin/smtp-server: Exchange server IP address
  • mail/smtp-servers: Exchange server IP address (or
Note, you may need to add the "mail/smtp-servers" option in the control panel.

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