Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DekiWiki - Active Directory Integration

As far as Active Directory integration with Dekiwiki goes, it's actually not too difficult to setup.

First, they've got some setup instructions here, plus they have active forums.

The only problem I ran into with the instructions was with the searchbase syntax in the configuration. The instructions make it appear that you should specify the hostname twice… once in the hostname configuration, and then again as part of the Distinguished Name (DN) that you’re providing for searchbase. For instance, I was specifying “dc=DCServerName, DC=domain, DC=local. On the client side (the web interface), authentication attempts were failing, but while watching DCServerName’s security log, it showed successful authentication attempts coming from the Dekiwiki box.

To resolve this, all I did was remove the dc=DCServerName from the searchbase. Once I removed it, such that the searchbase configuration was dc=domain, dc=local –it worked.
As an aside, all of this was done in a standard SBS 2003 R2 environment. Nothing extra or special required on the SBS server.


Ryan O'Dwyer said...

Thats fantastic, something so simple has caused me so many hours of frustration, I have the same environment and this was holding me back. Thanks Nick

Anonymous said...

Same here. I thought i was going to LOSE it, but you pointed me in the right direction, and its now working! Thanks!

b1ue said...

Thank you! This should be corrected in the instructions.