Monday, November 27, 2006

Netadmin: Windows Vista RTM hands-on

I downloaded and installed the RTM of Windows Vista and Office 2007 from the MSDN subscription site over the holiday weekend. While I've been checking out the betas off and on, I'm excited to get my hands on the RTM products. I'm in the process of bouncing between my XP laptop and my Vista box over RDP as I get some tools installed, and familiarizing myself with the Aero interface. Interesting stuff so far...

  • Eventvwr - like many things - is new and improved. It has a very SBSAdminConsole feel to it and really appears to improve on the old tool.
  • Outlook 2007 auto detects the name of the server that your mailbox is hosted on. I found some more details on this here... Outlook uses domain credentials to query for mailbox info in AD.... will need to follow-up to figure out exactly how this works.
  • What? No ISO mounting utils... (Surprised me a bit - I thought I heard somewhere that we'd get this - maybe it was Longhorn). Anyway, latest version of Daemon tools seems to get the job done still.
  • The sidebar and gadgets are neat.
  • Need to register your admin pack?
I'll let you know if I hit any snags.

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