Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Backups: What software do you use?

While I’m on the topic of backups... I don’t like Ntbackup. I know... but Nick, the built-in-SBS2003 scheduler makes NTBackup nice and friendly... okay, great... I still don’t like it. I've seen it stop working too many times, spent too many hours fighting it, and been put in situations where the client is accepting more risk than he/she should be with Ntbackup. We've standardized on Symantec Veritas Backup Exec 10D. So what do you use? I recall seeing a few new backup products at SMB nation this year - but I was just wondering what everyone else likes to use.

Am I totally off-base here with Ntbackup? Do others use (and like) it?


Anonymous said...

I've been using the built-in SBS backup to external USB drive. It's supported by Microsoft and integrates nicely in the daily reports.

I run an Exmerge script each day for brick-level mailbox backups.

Nick said...

While the built-in SBS 2003 backup is still based on NTbackup, I've never used it for backups to a USB drive. Perhaps I should check it out - for small installs this might be a good option.

As to the Exmerge script - I've done this before and like it. While it's not part of our standard deployment (Backup Exec), I think it's a good option for a number of scenarios.