Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UCE: Part 4 – SORBS blocking issues resolved? Nope.

As you might recall from previous posts, SORBS had incorrectly categorized a few of our customer’s static IP addresses as dynamic. This blocking was based on the response that SORBS received when doing a reverse DNS on the IP… the gist of it was that the IP didn’t look static enough for them. After contacting SORBS, and then engaging the ISP, the initial expectation set by SORBS was that they would respond in 2-15 days (who here thinks 2-15 days is in any way appropriate? ).

Having waited 30-days... yes, an entire month... SORBS did finally respond via their DUHL robot, which indicated that one of the IP’s had been “submitted for delisting from the DUHL”. A human response would be just been better… but okay, at least the issue was resolved.

Or so I though. That was 1 week ago.

After checking on and off for the past week, it seems that the IP address that had supposedly been submitted for delisting is still being blocked for the same reasons as before. Oh, and if I re-submit before the delisting, my request gets shuffled back to the bottom of the stack. How’s that for vindictive? No way to call, no way to engage anybody… just submit your requests and hope that your email stops getting blocked.

It seems like lots of people are having the same problems… SORBS even has an entry on Wikipedia, and be sure to check here as well… finally, do a search on SORBS. Plenty of bad press.

Make me wonder what the process looks like if someone is actually sending UCE/spam.

Fun times.

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