Friday, August 11, 2006

Patches: MS06-040 Tested and Deployed

Since Wednesday, I’ve been testing and deploying MS06-040. This includes a collection of systems, ranging from Windows 2000 SP4 systems, to Windows 2003 SP1 systems, to SBS 2003 systems. Thursday has been a very long day.

The only issue that I saw was on a Windows 2000 SP4 system, running Exchange 2000 SP3. The system hung when prompted to reboot; using the Dell DRAC interface I was able to reset the box. When it came back up, the Exchange services were stopped. Manually restarting the services and re-mounting the databases in ESM resolved the issue.

Since the issues were resolved fairly easily - and knowing that PF usage on the box was a bit high prior to patching, I did not contact PSS. I don’t necessarily attribute this to the patch, but I did want to pass the experience along in case someone else sees something similar.

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