Friday, November 25, 2005

TS/RDP: *.RDP connection settings file

Have you ever taken a look at an RDP connection file? You know, the settings file for connecting to a Terminal Server or RDP session? Well, a while back I needed to connect to a box at some non-standard resolution/pixel size, and played around with the settings in the text file (specifically, desktopwidth:i800, desktopheight:i:600).

The other thing I noticed was that, at the time, there was very little documentation on this. Since then, I’ve come across a good resourcefor editing this file a bit, and wanted to link this up in my blog.

If you’re not sure of what I’m talking about, go ahead and fire up mstsc (start>run>mstsc, general tab, save as). Create a new connection, and save it as an .RDP file. Then, using a text editor, check out the file.

Using an ascii file for storing program settings?

very *nix.

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