Saturday, April 05, 2014

Exchange 2003 End-of-Life? Fix it today.

Two business days until Exchange 2003 goes end-of-life.  Two more days until you need to need to be upgrade.  Whether you work for an MSP, or you've been trying to get your boss to move off of Exchange 2003 or the past decade, you're quickly running out of time.  That being said... I get it... if you haven't upgraded yet, it's unlikely that you're going to next week.  But sooner or later, you're going to wish you had.  And when you do, would't it be nice if you had a goto plan that's already been put through it's paces?  A plan that's already been used in real customer environments... everything from SBS 2003 to the Enterprise.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just execute the plan?  Without buying an Exchange book, learning everything about an application that you don't even like... and wouldn't it be nice if you knew it was going to just work.  Well, this is the kit you've been looking for.

I just moved my final SBS 2003 client off of Exchange 2003 last week.  Yes, that's right.  After years of recommending, suggesting, and imploring... they bought it.  And using the kit I did it with a minimum of pre-planning, one scheduled reboot of the SBS 2003 server, and a bulk mail move of all of their accounts - I was finished by 4:00pm on Friday.  No late nights, no angry clients, and no annoying ActiveSync problems.  On top of that, I sold it as a fixed-cost, basing the project on a 40 hour gig, and it took two days total effort.  How's that for a fixed cost no-brainier?

Buy the Exchange end-of-life kit today for $73 and with 1-2 days of total effort, you can do what normally would take a week.  How's that for a good fixed cost margin?  On top of that, it's no stress, no lost weekends, and most importantly - a happy client.  Our kit works, because we've been using it, and continuously improving for years.

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