Thursday, February 07, 2013

Network switch for my lab - Netgear GS724T-300

The last hardware upgrade on my vSphere lab was the SSD, but in addition to that I've been in need of a descent switch for a while.  What I wanted, was a Cisco 2960-S.  Not only are they good, but they're also my top-of-rack standard switch in my vSphere deployments.  However, in spite of diligently trolling Ebay looking for a deal, I decided to opt for a Netgear GS724T-300 for the home lab... which is a 24-port gigabit managed switch, supporting 802.1q VLAN tagging, link aggregation, etc.  Most of all, it's affordable at $219.  While not of any consequence in my environment, they're silent, which doesn't hurt.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering how to enable link aggregation on the Netgear Switch in your post. I understand what it means, I just can't find it in the Web interface (call me stupid). Any tips for me? I'd really appreciate any help you can offer.


P.S. - if you could email me, that'd be awesome! my email address can be found here:

Thanks again!

Nick said...

From memory, I believe it's called LACP in the Netgear config. Look under switching>LAG/LACP.

Anonymous said...

try Switching > LAG > Advanced there you can configure LAGs (e.g. Type=Static or LACP is hidden in "LAG Membership").