Saturday, August 08, 2009

VMware: Sound Support for remote desktop client and/or thinclients?

VMware ESX/ESXi does not have a virtual sound card device emulated. So there's no direct support for sound within VM's running on ESX/ESXi hosts. However, sound can be played on the remote desktop client if you've set your client to redirect and play locally (assuming your thinclient/remote desktop session supports sound). Keep in mind that if you have a Terminal Server, you need to enable the "Allow Audio Redirection" within the group policy for that machine.

Group Policy>Local Computer Policy>Computer Configuration>Administrative templates>Winows Components>Terminal Services>Client/Server data redirection>Allow Audio Redirection.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, used this to get audio working through Windows Server 2008 RDS. I also had to enable the Windows Audio service and set it to automatic.

Sound works fine on a Windows 7 desktop as the client, however we are trying to get a Wyse terminal, that isn't working yet so I am going to call their support.

samira BELKACEMI said...

but there is not a solution for Linux VMs because it works with xrdp .. I thought I find a solution I integrate audio driver hd but no sound?
. For the HD Audio I edit the vmx configuration file of the VM using the Following link in order to get sound on Linux VMs. Please, Is there the answer or links or tutorials that explainsWher is a problem!! :(