Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deki Wiki: Uploads larger than 2MB failing

Under 1.8.3c - after making the recommended changes to /etc/init.d/php.ini, and restarting apache2 and dekihost, and then attempting to upload a file greater than the php.ini default of 2M, the "Uploading" dialog box displayed the contents of the http://deki-hayes site - instead of the upload windows, or generating an error message. After refreshing the browser at http://deki-hayes, LDAP (AD) logins started failing.

I proceeded to modify memory_limit in the php.ini per this forum post. I actually specified 256M to see what would happen - then again restarted apache2 and dekihost - and now all is functioning normally. AD logins work, and I'm able to upload larger files.

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