Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tips: Remote administration of Hyper-V and guests got you down?

So, remote administration tools aren’t available for Hyper-V yet. And you’re probably fighting the whole relative mouse issue after RDPing into your 2008 box and trying to control your guests. In terms of a work around, I’ve tried just about everything I can think of – including copying the Hyper-V folder to my Vista box (hint – neither the MMC, nor the vmconnec.exe likes that). With Vista SP1 and 2008 releases pending, I’d imagine this will be fixed soon. Until then, Charlie Russel has a nice how-to for publishing the vmconnec.exe via TS-Remote Apps, and installing the resulting MSI on a Vista client. Very cool. And it works surprisingly well. The one caveat– if you don’t have your vmadditions installed in your guests, you’ll still be fighting the relative mouse control in the guest. Unfortunately, my CentOS guests don't have the additions quite yet. So it’s still only the 80% solution for me.

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