Friday, May 18, 2007

The Interview Process - Getting Resumes

As I was saying yesterday… the framework… we’ll start with the beginning.

1) Get resumes

Well, I suppose getting approval for the position wouldn’t hurt. I understand that it’s an up battle in some companies - but when you're a profit center, it's usually easier.

Alright – obviously, there’s lots of options for getting resumes in the door… Jobburner, CareerBuilder, Yahoo Jobs, Monster, Dice, and so on. But just doing something is the first step to getting people in the door – so don’t procrastinate under the guise of trying to find the best engine – they’re all adequate. Personally though, I really like Craigslist. I know some people have mixed results from them, and certainly I’d imagine that a lot depends on your local labor market – but hey, in most markets it’s free to post. So if you’re running something though one of the big names, why not double (or triple) up and use Craigslist? I think your results will depend more on your local market, but while the volume you get out of Craigslist might be less than the other boards, I’ve found the overall quality of candidates to be very good.

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