Monday, January 15, 2007

AD-COIT: AD-COIT Usage and How-To

Usage: "cscript ad.inventory.v2.3.vbs >inventoryreport.txt"


  1. Download the latest version of AD-COIT.
  2. Uncompress and extract the files to a folder on the local computer ("c:\scripts\AD-COIT")
  3. Edit the script using a text editor
  4. Edit the following line to reflect your organization's LDAP path: StrLdapPath = "'LDAP://DC=domain,DC=local' - In most cases you simply need to update the domain.
    Save the file and exit.
  5. Open a command prompt (start>run>"cmd"), and run the script: "cscript ad.inventory.v2.3.vbs >inventoryreport.txt"
  6. Keep in mind that when redirecting the output, you wont see the command-prompt window update until the script finishes. If you want to see the output, just use the following commend: "cscript ad.inventory.v2.3.vbs"

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