Friday, September 15, 2006

SMB Nation: Reminders for Next Year

Just a quick list of reminders for next year’s SMB nation (some of which were learned the hard way).

  • Get there the day before SMB nation starts, and attend any and all pre-events that you can find
  • Stay at whatever hotels are recommended (this year, they were the Courtyard Marriott’s in Redmond, and Bellevue) – you'll meet other attendees and probably learn something
  • Go to the breakfasts
  • Stay as long as you can in the evenings – even the vendor sponsored events
  • Go down and hang out in the hotel lobbies after 11:00pm – there will be other attendees worth meeting
  • Stay until Monday after the conference, and attend whatever extra events you can
  • You can never have enough business cards - double whatever you planned to bring!

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