Friday, August 04, 2006

SBS2003: Renaming the "CompanyWeb" in SBS

Well, maybe not rename exactly, but at least get it to respond to “http://whateveryouwant/”. The reason we’re not actually renaming companyweb is because it breaks-stuff – to much stuff to readily fix, as SBS references companyweb in a lot of different places.

So to start with, open up DNS manager (run command, “dnsmgmt.msc”) and take a look at the existing “CNAME” alias for “companyweb”. Using this as a template, create a new CNAME alias called WhateverYouWant, making sure that the FQDN is WhateverYouWant.domain.local, and that the target host points to your SBS server (servername.domain.local).

Finally go into IIS and right-click and select properties on the CompanyWeb, and add a host header for WhateverYouWant and WhateverYouWant.domain.local. Stop and restart your CompanyWeb in IIS. Then launch a web browser and point it at http://whateveryouwant/ and the companyweb will respond.

Keep in mind that http://companyweb/ will still work, but if you’d prefer something else, like say http://intranet/ or something that makes more sense for your organization, then this will work nicely.

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