Monday, July 10, 2006

Vista: Pitching Vista? CRN gives Partners 10 reasons. But you only need 1!

CRN published an article on the Top 10 Reasons Partners Should Pitch Vista - it’s a good read, and something partners who haven’t had much exposure to Vista should definitely check out. But you know your average SMB customer isn’t going to listen beyond one or two reasons. So you’ve got to capture their attention right from the start.

“Save money through Managed Services”.

What does that have to do with Vista?

It has everything to do with the release of Vista. Partners – you should be actively evaluating Vista before it’s released, and should have a plan for how to incorporate it into your Managed services model. No managed services model? Well now is the time, and Vista is the perfect opportunity to start transitioning to Managed Services. Also, be sure to check out my business justification for Vista post.

Oh, and besides the Top 10 that CRN published, check out the comprehensive Vista site for IT Pro’s, as well as the Channel 9 Vista videos if you’re interested in more technical detail.

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