Saturday, July 15, 2006

Virtual Server: VS2005R2 is not detecting NICs added after the installation of VS2005R2

The issue that I was seeing was that after installing Virtual Server 2005 R2, I had subsequently added a NIC to the system. The host OS had correctly detected the NIC, and I installed the latest drivers. The problem was that the Virtual Server 2005 R2 interface was not displaying the new NIC in the interface. Just to confirm that I wasn't missing something, I tried adding a new virtual network (click Virtual Networks>Add>Network Adapter on Physical Computer), but when I went to select my physical adapter, only one adapter was being displayed.

After that I searched around and found that Mark was having similar symptoms, albeit not in an identical situation. Since the virtual machine that I needed to have running was needed for a beta test immediately, I didn’t want to uninstall/reinstall Virtual Server 2005, so I decided to look around a bit more in the interface.

Noticing the network adapter "Internal" (Virtual Networks>Configuration>Internal), I took a look at its configuration. This internal adapter had no physical NIC selected, but when I used the drop down window I found that the new NIC I had recently added was being displayed as an option. After that it was just a matter of changing the physical network adapter from none, to the new one, and re-adding a new "internal" adapter. After doing that, I then changed my Network Configuration section from the Virtual Server Interface on the virtual machine that needed to use this connection (while the virtual machine was offline). Finally, when I turned the virtual machine back on, it detected my new physical NIC, and I was then able to configure it.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for this solution it works perfectly and saved me a lot of time!


Anonymous said...


having the same problem.
Working great now, saving the day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. For whatever reason my new NIC didn't show up under the "Virtual Networks>Configuration>Internal" configuration, so I ended up having to re-install Virtual Server but your post was still helpful.

- Spencer