Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WMI: Free disk space check

I was going though some of my scripts, and came across one that I need to add to my computer inventory script as a function. What it does is report the amount of free disk space on the machine's partitions. As I go through and update the inventory script, breaking code out into functions, I plan to add this.

Const MegabyteConversion = 1048576
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:")

'Set objLogicalDisk = objWMIService.Get("Win32_LogicalDisk.DeviceID='c:'")

Set colLogicalDisk = objWMIService.InstancesOf("Win32_LogicalDisk")
If colLogicalDisk.Count = 0 Then
Wscript.Echo "No drives exist on this computer."
For Each objLogicalDisk in colLogicalDisk
FreeMegaBytes = objLogicalDisk.Freespace / MegabyteConversion
FreeMegaBytes_String = Int(FreeMegaBytes) & " MB Free"
Wscript.Echo objLogicalDisk.DeviceID & " " & FreeMegaBytes_String
End If

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