Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MS05-051: Get those 2000 servers patched

In case you somehow missed the fact that it’s patch Tuesday, SANS has a quick analysis on today’s patches. Then, make sure you head on over and get the technet take while your at it.

In the mean time, the short version is that MS05-051 (CAN-2005-2119) is going to be a problem for those still on Windows 2000 server. And before you say it, I live in the real-world with the rest of you. I have customers still on 2000, that can’t/won’t move to 2003 yet. Apparently, you can disable the DTC service to mitigate this. But it’s probably best to get things patched.

Talk to your customers. Patch early. If you can, patch now – I am as as I write this at 11:30pm. Just make sure to do it soon, before the eEye template that was released is used and we start seeing some exploits.

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