Monday, August 08, 2005

SBS 2003: SMTP Queue length follow-up

I received a follow-up question about the SMTP queue length post from last week.

The question was... "I followed the instructions in the SMTP server remote queue length post, but I just received a another alert... ?"

After following the instructions, go ahead an check your queue... there probably are still a number of messages that need to be flushed out. Just give it some time (or delete the items from the queue), and everything should clear up. If you're still having problems after waiting/deleting junk from the queue, you might have missed a step in the article.

Go head and look though the article again. I just referred back to my post to help out a customer, and everything seemed to work as expected. But certainly let me know if I overlooked something.

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Nick said...

I've since posted some additional information that relates to this post concerning 7010 events in the application log -