Thursday, June 02, 2005

SSL Overview: Side note, Failed to create ‘Certificate Authority Request”

So you've been following the online, but you put the CA on the same IIS server as your SUS server. That or, being a dilligent sysadmin you ran IIS lockdown tool on your IIS server (good for you, by the way!). Well if you've done the above, then your at the point where you're getting the error...

Failed to create ‘Certificate Authority Request”

Pain in the neck, right? Well, don't worry... it's actually not too bad.

To resolve this error, perform the following steps:
1) Open IIS, go to the properties page for the site where certsrv is installed (e.g. “Default Web Site).
2) Go to the “home directory” tab, and click “Configuration”.
3) Click the options tab, and put a check in the “Enable session state box”, and choose 20 minutes. Now restart IIS (command prompt, type “iisreset”).


Now go ahead and resubmit the request to your CA. It should work just fine now.

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