Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Introduction and Random Musings

A little dry, eh? I know these first few postings have been more like documentation than the traditional blog fare. But right now, I’m trying to figure out what direction I should take with the blog, and what my focus should be. There’s a limit to how many times in one day that I can read different iterations of the exact the same story, so I don’t imagine anyone wants yet another mirror of what is already available in terms of news.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the great stuff that’s coming out of places like It’s very interesting to be able to follow the individual teams and personalities… but at the same time, I need a break! After all, I know that WSUS was just released! Thanks for the thought, but hey - what I really want to know is… have you tested it? Have you deployed it into a production environment? Show me the screen-captures of your deployments! Did you run into any problems? Did you use SQL Server 2000? Why (or why not)… it’s these types of questions that I want to help answer.

I’m planning to round out my SSL Overview series this week. Hopefully at some point, it will help someone new to the process to grasp key concepts quickly, or to act as a quick-reference. But even if it doesn’t and no one besides me ever looks at it, having it on hand, and having forced myself to test and understand the process more fully will payoff down the road.

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